Lodge Details

  • Named – 1992
  • Warrant of Constitution – 10th June 1992
  • Consecrated 30th November – 1992


  • 9477 since consecration

Meeting Places

  • Masonic Hall, Lake Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England:
    1992 – 1995
  • Freemasons Hall, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England:
    1995 – 2000
  • Masonic Hall, Lake Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England:
    2000 – 2012
  • Royal Naval and Royal Albert Yacht Club, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England:
    2012 –

Brief History

With the decline of stone construction in the Middle Ages, there was an increase of men who were not stonemasons being admitted into lodges. Known as “Speculative Masons”, these members helped to swell the declining ranks. This switch in membership also brought about the search for more permanent homes for these Lodges. These were often set up in urban areas encouraging a further growth in membership.

In the same tradition, Tudor Rose Lodge No. 9477 was consecrated in 1992 finding a permanent home at the Lake Road, Masonic Hall in Portsmouth. The lodge was set up as a traditional lodge, following strict Emulation Ritual with a “substantial” festive board. Over the years, the lodge has moved 3 times and has been in its current home since 2012.